An artist's mission is similar to that of a galactic scout or of a shaman to search, find and bring back or to conjure up visions that will:

The visionary artist has the power and the duty to create the images that will restore a sense of magic to our perception of the world by offering a visual guide to the realms of perception beyond the surface reality, and will reflect our true godhead essence thus triggering self-healing and self-regeneration.

The art contained here deals with two magical aspects inherent in the transformational power of IMAGE and its reflection of the ongoing continuous simultaneous creation underlying the static "surface reality."

The first aspect is what we call a "totemic portrait." Totemic portraits are a shamanic approach to healing as well as to the cultivation and storage of power through the image of a personal totem - manifested personal spirit.
(A session for manifesting and capturing of the personal totem in portrait can be arranged with ARTHEALING via email).

The second aspect of the work deals with images that are spirit-catchers for the spirits that are not personal, but rather are the energetic entities acting as agents of Eternal Life.